International Programs

Artists 4 Israel brings the world’s greatest artists to Israel and around the world to begin healing communities and people affected by conflict through the transformative power of art.

Working with avant-garde artists in underrepresented art forms like graffiti, street art, tattooing, street wear and toy design, we create social change through real quality of life advancements, cover the scars of war and uplift people in struggle through direct programs that benefit them immediately and permanently. 

Art/Over/War: Graffiti & Street Art

Artists 4 Israel’s team of international artists (over 1,000 participating artists representing 21 different countries) have painted over 800 murals across the world on everything from bomb shelters and orphanages to the middle of the most populous cities. These murals transform the grim reminders of war and terrorism into outdoor art galleries, beautify areas in need of renewal, add color to communities darkened by poverty and show that people in need are supported by Israel, artists and the creative communities of the world.


Artists 4 Israel brings the world’s most talented tattoo artists to Israel and around the world to cover the scars of those affected by terror attacks or war. By so doing, we help these survivors and heroes reclaim their bodies and begin healing both physically and emotionally. We demonstrate that tattooing is a true art form capable of great social benefit. 


Inspired by our work in Israel and Israel’s example of providing humanitarian aid around the world, our international team of artists have begun bringing our arts based humanitarian aid projects back to their home country. 

Our team unites with local artists around the world to provide culture based social service programs in the neediest communities near them.

So far, we have visited South Africa and London and look forward to many more adventures.


Encompassing Street Wear, Collectible Figure Design, Illustration and Street Photography, Artists 4 Israel is composed of a team of urban, contemporary artists on the cutting edge of youth culture. We have worked to clothe and increase the confidence of children on society’s periphery, to teach them DIY art aesthetics to inspire their creativity and photos and drawings as a way to picture a better future. From refugees to local children from economically disenfranchised communities, we offer them a chance to represent themselves to their peers with pride and poise.